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Xtellar: Shaping a smarter future through 3D materials innovation





Unlocking industry disruption through 3D materials innovation

Featured Products

Xtellar | Braskem Carbon fiber polypropylene 3D printing filament

Xtellar Pro
Carbon Fiber Polypropylene
3D Filament

Xtellar carbon fiber PP filament is an engineering-grade composite made from 100% recycled carbon fiber (CF) and is designed to provide robust mechanical performance while maintaining a high degree of printability for complex structures. 

Xtellar | taulman3d Carbon fiber Nylon 3D printing filament

Xtellar Pro
Carbon Fiber Nylon
3D Filament

Xtellar CF-Nylon filament produces high strength, lightweight parts ideal for automotive, aerospace and industrial applications. Specially formulated for 3d printing applications, this formulation has minimal warpage and a high quality surface finish.

Xtellar | taulman3d Alloy 910 Nylon 3D printing filament

Xtellar Plus
Alloy 910 Nylon
3D Filament

Alloy 910 is an industrial strength Nylon filament that offers a unique balance of stiffness and durability. Nylon 910 has been our best selling nylon for over a decade and provides the perfect combination of properties, that is printable at 255C-270C.

Xtellar 3D printed Drone Application
Xtellar 3D printed Paddleboard with 3D Pringint Pellets - Carbon Fiber Polypropylnene 3D Pellets

Professional Grade

3D Materials

We offer one of the industry's largest selections of professional grade materials for 3D printing applications. Our materials are engineered to cover a wide range of applications such as; automotive, aerospace, healthcare, marine, consumer and packaging.


Our commitment to quality sets us apart and is one of the reasons why we are trusted by industry professionals around the world. 

Leader in 3D Materials Innovation

Our approach to 3D printing materials development is focused on sustainability, innovation, and collaboration. We combine our materials expertise with our partners’ aspirations, to defy the limits of AM innovation

Polypropylene 3D printing pellets

Specializing in Pellets for Large Format 3D Printing

Our 3D printing pellets are specifically engineered for use in large-format FGF (fused gradual fabrication).


Our unique formulations are designed to optimize overall printability, interlayer adhesion and ensure high quality prints with minimal warpage.

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