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Product Catagory Page - PP, PE, PETG, Nylon, Recycled, Bio-based 3D Printing Pellets

3D Pellets

Large format pellet printing is the next generation of 3D printing.  It delivers a unique combination of high speed and functionality that opens up a new array of opportunities for end users.  Selecting the right materials for your large format printer is an important decision to ensure high quality prints. We ensure that each of our pellet formulations is specifically formulated for additive manufacturing applications.

3D Pellets Material Overview

Material Properties Overview - Chart - Pellets
Material Properties Overview - Chart - Graph

Please note, Xtellar does not guarantee printed part conditions, this is intended for informational purposes only and data represent estimated values based on internal test methods. Properties may vary based on print conditions.

Need Bulk Pricing?

Contact us directly for additional bulk pricing discounts, we can customize quotes based on purchase quantities larger than 1000 lbs.

Strategic Partners

We have partner with leading equipment manufacturers and service bureaus to ensure our formulations are compatible with a wide range of large format pellet printing technologies

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