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Clear PETG
3D Pellets

Density:                             1.27 g/cm3

Tensile Strength:              45 MPA

Flexural Modulus              2014 MPA

Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Product Description

Xtellar PETG pellets are engineered for precision and durability.  These pellets deliver exceptional performance, high clarity, and ensures smooth reliable extrusion on every print.  Xtellar PETG is a professional grade 3D pellet specifically engineered for large format 3D printing and filament extrusion. Elevate your 3D printing experience with Xtellar – where innovation meets reliability.

Print Settings

Temp Profile

Zone 1 - 165-175 C

Zone 2 - 175-185

Zone 3 - 190-200

Nozzle  - 205

Recoat Temp: 90 C

Print Speed: ~12 kg/hr


Chamber temp: N/A

Bed Heating: 40-60 C

Bed Substrate: PC

Dryer Temp:  75


Indoor and Outdoor Furniture applications, Good Balance of Strength and Durability.


Rapid Prototyping, Custom Bespoke Designs


Rapid Prototyping, Custom Bespoke Designs

General Purpose

Versatile Polymer with a Unique Balance of Material Properties to fit Most Applications

Need Bulk Pricing?

Contact us directly for additional bulk pricing discounts. We can customize quotes based on purchase quantities larger than 1000 lbs.

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