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Glass Fiber Polypropylene
3D Pellets

Density:                             0.91 g/cm3

Tensile Strength:              46 MPA

Flexural Modulus              4100 MPA

Product Description

Xtellar glass fiber PP pellets are an engineering-grade composite made with glass fiber (GF) and is designed to provide robust impact strength performance while maintaining a high degree of printability for complex structures. This fiber reinforced pellet provides engineering level performance without compromising any of PP’s inherent properties which include light weight, water resistance (no drying needed), chemical resistance, and impact resistance.

Print Settings


Build Plate: Polypropylene sheet, approximately 0.5 inch thick.

First Layer Extrusion: 110%

Temp Profile

Zone 1 - 170 C

Final Zone - 200 - 205 C

Recoat Temp: 120 C

Recoat Times:  approximately 2-3 min in 70 degree F environments


Chamber temp: N/A

Bed Heating: N/A

Note:  recoat temperatures less than 80 C can cause poor layer bonding and delamination.


Rapid Prototyping, Custom Bespoke Designs, Interior and Exterior Components


Rapid Prototyping, Custom Bespoke Designs, interior and exterior components


Lightweight, Watertight Part, 3D Printed Boats, and Marine Accessories


Indoor and OutdoorFurniture Applications, Good Balance of Strength and Durability

Need Bulk Pricing?

Contact us directly for additional bulk pricing discounts. We can customize quotes based on purchase quantities larger than 1000 lbs.

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