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CASE STUDY: ASTM E565 Outgas Testing Polypropylene Filament


ASTM E595 is a standard test method for total mass loss (TML) and collected volatile condensable materials (CVCM) from outgassing in a vacuum environment. NASA has established requirements that are quoted and used. The most commonly quoted requirement is CVCM < 0.1% and TML < 1%.

Why is it Critical

Outgas can be critical in during the use of 3D printing in space or environments under vacuum. In particular, outgassing can effect critical electronics and optical equipment is not managed properly. When volatile compounds evaporate, they eventually will find a place to condense, which can result in surface contamination, corrosion, or fogging of critical components.


Xtellar FL105PP unfilled polypropylene filament and FL900PP-CFcarbon fiber reinforced polypropylene filaments were tested by an independent testing agency to determine outgas results.

Full Case Study

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