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Case Study: Impact Toughness of Polypropylene Filament at Subzero Temperatures

Impact toughness of Xtellar FL900PP-CF was tested at -20 degrees C to better understand material performance at subzero temperature conditions. The material demonstrated outstanding performance retaining up to 99% of it impact toughness relative to when measured at 23 degrees C.


Material performance can diminish at subzero temperatures, becoming more brittle and prone to breakage.This presents significant challenges for industries that are looking for additive manufacturing material solutions for cold weather applications.

Carbon Fiber Polypropylene Filament

Xtellar Carbon Fiber reinforced polypropylene, FL900PP-CF wastested according to ASTM D3763 to determine impact toughness at subzero temperatures.The tests were conducted at 23C, 0C, and -20C, test results were recorded with a average standard deviation of 2.4%.The incorporation of carbon fiber to the formulation, increased overall cold weather toughness significantly over unfilled PP formulations.

Material Comparison

Xtellar FL900PP-CF was compared to 3 other commonly used materials for additive manufacturing using the same conditions. Xtellar Carbon Fiber Polypropylene outperformed Nylon by 56% , ABS + CF by 49%, and PLA by 41%.

Full Case Study

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