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Product Data Sheets


Xtellar polypropylene filament is a next generation polypropylene (PP) filament  that is easy to print and designed to provide superior dimensional accuracy, inherently low density, high fatigue, and high moisture resistance. This filament is used in healthcare, automotive, and general consumer applications.

Glass Fiber Polypropylene

Xtellar glass fiber PP filament is a professional grade filament with glass fiber (GF) for increased strength and stiffness. This formulation delivers tensile strength up to 46 MPA, while maintaining a high degree of printability for complex structures. Great for automotive, aerospace  and general industrial applications

Carbon Fiber Polypropylene

Xtellar carbon fiber PP filament is an engineering-grade composite made from 100% recycled carbon fiber (CF) and is designed to provide robust mechanical performance while maintaining a high degree of printability for complex structures. 


Xtellar PE filament is a 100% Polyethylene (PE) filament designed to be easy to print, lightweight, highly moisture, and chemical resistant.  This filament is ideal for packaging, prototyping, and consumer goods applications. Excellent solution where traditional HDPE resins are typically required.

Bio-Based Polyethylene

The industries first bio-based high-density polyethylene (HDPE) filament, derived from raw sugar care. This eco-friendly formulation, delivers a unique combination of sustainability, high elongation, light weighting, and moisture resistance. Used in applications such as; consumer, packaging, and industrial markets.

Bio-Based Flexible EVA

This is the industries first bio-based ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) 3D filament, derived from raw sugar cane. With a shore A of 94, this formulation provides a sustainable alternative to some traditional flexible TPE & TPU materials available on the market. This filament delivers a unique combination of sustainability, flexibility, light weighting, and moisture resistance.

Recycled Polyethylene

Formulated from recycled bottle caps, Xtellar recycled PE filament is is a recycled polyolefin blend containing over 90% sustainably sourced material. This environmentally friendly filament provides the same low density as well as water, chemical, and impact resistance inherent to virgin polyolefin-based materials.

Recycled Polyethylene w/ Carbon Fiber

Xtellar recycled carbon fiber PE filament is an engineering-grade formulation containing 90% recycled content sourced primarily from recycled bottle caps. FL605R-CF also contains recycled carbon fiber for added strength and durability. 

Recycled rPETG

Enviro rPETG is contains 100% recycled material and offers exceptional print quality on dozens of 3d printing platforms.  Made from  post industrial waste, this formulation provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional PETG filaments which require more energy to produce.


Xtellar PETG is an industrial grade filament that was developed to offer a unique balance of high strength and limited elongation. This PETG filament is a excellent  alternative to traditional PLA and ABS filaments that are commonly used today. Each roll is manufactured in the United States.

T-Glase Clear

Xtellar T-Glase, is an optically correct or water clear PET filament that comes in an opaque white or black as well as translucent Clear, Red, Green, Blue, and Aqua. With proper optical coatings, the translucent T-Glase colors can appear as clear as a glass part. 

Bridge Nylon

Bridge nylon is top selling entry level nylons for 3d printing.  Bridging the strength of nylon with the affordability of PLA. This material is an excellent balance of tensile strength, bed adhesion, affordable pricing, reduced water up-take and reduced shrinkage

Nylon 645

Nylon 645 is currently used by CNC shops around the world to support quick turn prototypes for pre-pilot and pilot runs as well as batch production runs. Nylon 645 has the highest chemical resistance of all of our nylons and when annealed, is highly compatible where Nylon 6,6 is required.

Alloy 910 Nylon

Alloy 910 is an industrial strength Nylon filament that offers a unique balance of stiffness and durability. Nylon 910 has been our best selling nylon for over a decade and provides the perfect combination of properties, that is printable at 255C-270C. 

Alloy 910 Nylon High Heat

Alloy 910 High Heat builds on the success of the top selling 910 Nylon series, with enhanced heat deflection characteristics and thermal resistance properties. A unique balance of stiffness, durability, and heat deflection.

PCTPE Flexible Nylon

PCTPE stands for "Plasticized Copolyamide TPE" or a chemical co-polymer of highly flexible nylon and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) .  PCTPE has several unique features that allow any user to print a highly flexible part with the added durability of our nylon polymers. 

Glass Fiber Nylon

The material improves upon other glass fiber nylon options in the marketplace by using a custom glass fiber fill percentage and a premium nylon blend to achieve excellent printing characteristics and surface finish. 

Carbon Fiber Nylon

Xtellar CF-Nylon filament produces high strength, lightweight parts ideal for automotive, aerospace and industrial applications. Specially formulated for 3d printing applications, this formulation has minimal warpage and a high quality surface finish.

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