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Product Catagory Page - PP, PE, PETG, Nylon, Recycled, Bio-based - 3D Printing Pellets


Xtellar has partnered with Xenon Arc, to launch Xtellar Direct a direct to consumer shopping experience that greatly simplifies and accelerates the accessibility of Xtellar 3D materials to the North American market. 

Shop Xtellar Direct, and get products shipped right to your door.

Need bulk pricing or interested in reselling our products?

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Why Use Recycled Materials for 3D Printing

Xtellar Plus
Recycled Polyethylene w/ Carbon Fiber
3D Pellets

Xtellar recycled polyethylene with Carbon Fiber pellets are an engineering-grade resin containing 90% recycled content. Primarily sourced from recycled bottle caps, this resin also incorporates recycled carbon fiber for added strength and durability.


This eco-friendly resin retains the chemical, and impact resistance as well as the lower density inherent to polyethylene and polypropylene-based materials.


Recycled streams are sourced from the USA.

Recycled Polyethylene Pellets for 3D Printing

Xtellar Essential
Recycled rPETG 3D Pellets

Xtellar rPETG pellets are a custom designed formulation for additive manufacturing applications. Our pellets contain 100% recycled material and offers exceptional print quality on a variety of 3d printing platforms. 


Made from post industrial waste, this formulation provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional PETG pellets which require more energy to produce.


Recycled streams are sourced from the USA.

rPETG Pellets for 3D Printing
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